The idea behind the series


Facing conflicts in relationships is a common issue. What needs a relationship? What does my partner expect of me? Am I giving enough? How to find compromises? These are universal questions for every human being. The answers to them are as unique as every person and every relationship. While we can find an explanation to almost everything on the internet, there will never be an online tutorial about how to love someone. That’s why we need to broaden our horizon and get inspired by couples around us. This documentary series is an attempt to bring the essentials of relationships closer to our own ones, to let us see how other couples cope with conflicts similar to ours.


Who made this?


Alex Spoerndli

Writer, Director, Editor


Alex Spoerndli was born in 1994 in Zurich. After his A-Levels in Zurich he turned to design and decided to make his hobby to a profession. In summer 2018, he finishes his bachelor degree studies at the Zurich University of the Arts, Design Department, branch Cast / Audiovisual Media.



Louis Edlinger

Original Score Composer


Torben Jacobsen

Mentor and support


Nico Lypitkas

Head Bachelor Cast / Audiovisual Media

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